Minion – A Constraint Solver

Minion is a solver for constraint satisfaction problems. Unlike constraint programming toolkits, which expect users to write programs in a traditional programming language like C++, Java or Prolog, Minion takes a text file which specifies the problem, and solves using only this. This makes using Minion much simpler, at the cost of much less customization.

Firstly, I go through the minion website , where I download the file of minion . Then after installing on my system, I started studying about constraint solver, geometric constraint , minion.

I’ve searched all over the web but couldn’t find proper documentation for understanding I talked to Sir about it , that no proper documentation is available , he says that “there’s always a documentation available along the software you installed and you will only find that documentation very helpful after few days” which I actually find best documentation on it. Thanks to Sir, otherwise I would never consider that documentation important.

After reading all documentation about minion, I wasn’t able to execute the minion programs which are given in input text format it was always showing error of cant open more than a one instance file.

I talked about this problem to the mailing list of minion (MUG) , thanks to gagan for giving such a idea, there I talked about minion and about my error , they helped me and provided me solution regarding my problem.

I would like this also that after joining the GD , even in my dreams I think of programming and to be the great developer. Enjoying the training.

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